Our purpose is to assist individuals in their personal and professional development.

A nossa essência assenta em 3 pilares

Purpose Driven

A Liderança com propósito, Purpose Driven Leadership, é um modelo de liderança que prioriza o propósito, os valores, o carácter e a integridade.


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A catalyzing transformation at the individual and environmental levels.

When we embrace development, the transformation is catalytic and systemic

At the Conscious Leader Institute we are committed to helping leaders and professionals achieve a deeper understanding about the issues that surround them, empowering their mindsets and supporting them to achieve personal and professional fulfilment.

Our approach is driven by the principles of Purposeful Leadership and Conscious Capitalism. Grounded in these concepts, we facilitate the talent development process within organizations, fostering enhanced performance and nurturing the capabilities of the organization’s internal resources.

To ensure the efficacy of an organization’s talent development, it is imperative to leverage various tools. At the Conscious Leaders Institute, we provide support to leaders, organizations, and companies in their development through areas such as Coaching, Mentoring, Corporate Wellness, and professional certifications offered by the academy.

Why us?

Because we support leaders on their evolutionary journey. This learning experience involves close monitoring and the application of strategies and tools that promote individual development and have an impact on the surrounding environment.

To support sustained transformation, we partner with Leaders, Teams, and Organizations.


Personal transformation enhances the authenticity and tranquility of everyday leadership, navigating the natural challenges of business. Leadership becomes inspiring and conscious, contributing positively and constructively to the success of organizations, team performance, and well-being, consequently fostering the improvement of society at large.


The transformation of teams is as significant as that of their leaders. We support team development with a focus on purpose, renewing and nurturing new perspectives, thereby creating a transformative impact.


Purpose and Cultural Transformations.
When an individual is aligned with their purpose, transformations in their surroundings become inevitable. Thus, by shaping the human aspect more broadly, we change mindsets and propel performance, productivity, and happiness.

Os eventos certos para uma transformação efetiva.

O conteúdo para profissionais que abraçam o desenvolvimento como o segredo para o sucesso.

Entre em contacto connosco e inicie a sua transformação, agora.

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